Winter in Minnesota

Hopkins, Minnesota, 1964

If you have never experienced a Minnesota winter, you may not be able to understand how cold it was when my family first arrived to Minneapolis. The winters are cold; in a kind of deep, bone chilling, dry cold that gets deep into your muscles and stays there. When we landed in the Minneapolis airport it was late in November and we were inadequately dressed or prepared for the freezing temperatures.

When I see my parents in this picture, I’m wondering how long they stood outside before hurrying inside to get warm. Mama’s sari could not have provided much protection from the cold and Papa seemed to be scoffing at the cold in his ten gallon Texan hat which had been given to him as a gift.

We tobogganed, skated and build snow forts. We stayed outside throwing snowballs until it was dark. We were too busy having fun to notice the temperature. Once I was inside, my favorite place to thaw out was sitting directly on top of the heating vent. Despite the frigid Minnesota winter, I always enjoyed the snow and cold.

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