Apple Story

  View this post on Instagram Read the whole story! #bloglife #blogging #writing #wendsday #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaywords #apple #applestree A post shared by Elisheba Haqq-Stevens […]


Best of Japan—Favorite Historical Site

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial stands as a solemn reminder of the devastation of war. There is very little I can say about visiting this site […]


Best of Japan—Favorite Picture

Trending now in Japan are young people dressing in colorful Japanese Kimono and Yukata. These beautiful girls embody the current fashion of putting aside western […]


Japan—Clean and Efficient

A friend texted and asked me to say just one thing about Japan. Since I was forced to pick one thing, naturally I chose two; […]


I ♥ trains in Japan!

I’m in love with the Japanese train system. I’m infatuated because despite the fact that I can’t read or recognize even one Japanese character, I […]


The Great Minnesota Get-Together

I’ve been wanting to post about my travels and I thought, why not begin my series of travel posts with a place near and dear […]


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