Japan—Clean and Efficient

A friend texted and asked me to say just one thing about Japan. Since I was forced to pick one thing, naturally I chose two; […]


The Measure of a Man is what He Does with Power —-Plato

Post Hurricane Sandy—living without power for eleven days, was challenging.  So here are my observations on living without electric power, water, or heat. When H.G. […]


Sandy Refugee

This morning while in Horsham, PA, I was dipping a tea bag in a Styrofoam cup of semi-hot water.  I had slept in a bed […]


India…here I come!

There’s a reason I’ve been so quiet—I’ve been getting ready for an adventure.  I’m leaving this week for a 35 day trip to India.  While […]


Serving or Sightseeing?

It’s just about Valentine’s day again, and for most people this is a reminder to show care to those they love. February 14, also means […]


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