Apple Story

  View this post on Instagram Read the whole story! #bloglife #blogging #writing #wendsday #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaywords #apple #applestree A post shared by Elisheba Haqq-Stevens […]


Graduation Day

Lahore, 1942  Graduations are both endings and beginings. This May, thousands of students will graduate from college. Some will find employment. Others will enter graduate […]


Taking Risks

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about how my writing is judged. Having agents tell me over and over, “No, thanks—I’m not interested” or “I […]



What’s in a picture?


How to teach old-fashioned values to the modern day teen

This article is always on She Knows: Our world today is vastly different from the one we knew as children. Modern day teens are surrounded […]


How to express and store breastmilk

TIPS ON EXPRESSING OR PUMPING BREASTMILK AND SAFELY STORING WHEN YOU ARE AWAY FROM BABY Breastfeeding provides many benefits to both mother and baby, however […]


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