Picture it; Sicily…

When I worked the late shift at the Children’s Hospital of Chicago, I usually got home around 1 AM. To unwind, I watched an episode […]


Breaking the Bubble

Everyone should have a chance to live in a bubble for a few months now and then.  This summer I had the opportunity to live, […]


My Story is Mine

A few years ago I read a wonderful book called The Book of Salt by Monique Truong. In this novel, a Vietnamese servant named Binh […]


Real Hope for Haiti

When I watch the devastation in Haiti, I am amazed by not only the amount of destruction but also by the expressions of human care […]


Freedom for Women—Veiled in a Burkha or Revealed in a Bikini?

This week French President Sarkozy called for a ban to be placed on Muslim women who choose to express their faith by observing hijab and […]


EU ♥ Obama!

When President Obama made his tour of Europe soon after his election, he was greeted with open arms, cheers, welcoming placards, parades and smiling children.  […]


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