India…here I come!

There’s a reason I’ve been so quiet—I’ve been getting ready for an adventure.  I’m leaving this week for a 35 day trip to India.  While I have been to India before, I’ve never been on a trip such as this one.  I’ll begin with a few days in Mumbai, then south to Pune for four days with my friends Arti and Murali.  After this I meet my cousins Aruna, Vimal and Primal in Delhi and then I take a car ride five hours north to the mountains of Nainital.  For eight days I’ll be in this quiet mountain town, working on a rewrite of  my book (hopefully, the last re-write!).  Then I return to Delhi where I’ll meet six of my friends, who will  join me to see some of the best sights in North India.

First Mamuna arrives from UK in the early morning hours.  Then, Nikema arrives from New Jersey in the early afternoon.  In the early evening Tally arrives from Minnesota and Arti joins her from Pune.  Last but certainly not least, my two oldest friends join our group late that night—Annette flies in from North Carolina and Carol from Minnesota.   After a good night’s sleep we set out to see India.

Together we’ll see Delhi, Agra, Amristar, Chandigarh, Udaipur and Mumbai.  I’m so blessed to be able to begin the celebration of my birthday with such wonderful friends.  I’m looking forward to not only seeing India together, but enriching my friendship with each and every one!

Tune into this blog for updated posts as we travel around India.  I’ll do my best to post one of my favorite photos every few days along with the post.

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  1. Ravneet Chadha says:

    Have a great trip!!!!! This sounds like a lot of fun! Stay well, away from raw uncooked foods, even yogurts unless they are packaged, unbottled water….Enjoy Haldiram’s chats and mithais, Kareems kababs in old delhi if you can, lassi and kulfi in amritsar.

  2. Elisheba says:

    Lassi and Kulif in Amristar—CHECK! Thanks for the tip on chaat—can’t wait!!

  3. Elisheba says:

    that’s “kulfi”…for those of you confused by what “kulif” could be…

  4. Malcolm says:

    Re discover India after 50 years….. Have a great time.. Pl let me know if I can add value to your trip….

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