Best of Japan—Favorite Historical Site

Remains of The Genbaku Dome – Hiroshima, Japan

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial stands as a solemn reminder of the devastation of war. There is very little I can say about visiting this site that has not already been said. It was a deeply moving and emotional trip. I was struck by the thousands of paper cranes that have been folded as reminder of the young girl who survived the bombing for a short while. She hoped to survive and folded many of these. The Japanese believe that if someone folds 1,000 paper cranes, they will be healed. Inside the museum, watches are forever stopped at 8:15; the time the bomb exploded.

The remains of the Genbaku Dome, which is exactly the same as after the bombing on August 6, 1945 stands at the entrance of the memorial park. It is a haunting and poignant remembrance of the ravages of war on human life.

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