Elisheba Haqq

Elisheba Haqq is an Indian-American writer and published author. She has been published in anthologies and written for many online and print publications. Growing up in small town Minnesota, while sharing one full bathroom with 10 (sometimes 11) people and traveling to as many countries she can without getting into hock, has given her plenty of fodder for her writing and helped shape the person she is today. Her diverse background includes distinctions in both the medical field and writing. She has combined her occupation as a registered pediatric nurse with her love for writing in scholarly informative articles about the medical field, creative fiction, and non-fiction. She is most passionate about narrating the stories of her family; in particular her siblings and mother-daughter relationships. Elisheba also molds impressionable young minds while sharing her passion for writing as an instructor at Rutgers University. Today Elisheba lives in New Jersey and still holds the titles she earned at age 14 for The Longest Continuous Apple Peel and Minnesota Chapatti Champion. She lost only twice to her sister who is still the undefeated Grandmaster Onion Chopper. Her memoir “Mamaji” is slated to release in 2019.


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