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I’m Elisheba and I am an Indian-American author. Here you will find out more about me and the things I am most passionate about. I’m looking forward to sharing my memoir, “Mamaji” with you in 2019.

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My Publications


A wise and poignant collection about mother-daughter relationships. A Letter for my Mother, edited by Nina Foxx---Mamaji on pages 15-22


Shopping for Gopal’s Wife

Shopping in India is filled with vivid sights and sounds, it’s fun! Oh and don’t forget—always be aware of your surroundings!


What readers have to say

Beautifully written. Compelling.... even through great loss, resilience shines through every page
A beautiful writer whose words made me feel like I was right there. I didn't want it to end, and when it did, I wanted to know more about the people in the story.
So raw, yet so beautiful.
Intriguing! Captivating! Enter the heart and mind of a little girl from India and grow with her in a rather scary and tumultuous ride through life. Elisheba will draw you in with each turn of the page as you walk this journey with her. But be careful, you may fall in love with this dear woman and even see yourself in these pages.

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